Download el plugin de WordPress Geolocation and Mobile redirect

Preview and Download Wordpress plugin for country and mobile redirect to support our visitor to find the right content when he enters in our website.

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febrero 12, 2019

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One of the specifications required when we plan to setup a WordPress multisite or multi-language website is, without a doubt, the redirection based on Country visitor. We are providing a bad image «forcing» our visitor to select its Country, through the language selector. That’s way, today, I suggest you to download this WordPress plugin for Country and mobile redirect. Click to preview the functionality

It’s a WordPress plugin for redirecting our visitors based on any combination like:

  • location (Country, State, City)
  • language
  • IP
  • date
  • browser
  • mobile user

Have you already installed WPML plugin? Try this one

If you have installed the WPML plugin in you WordPress site and, simply, you are looking for plugin to identify the country and redirect your user to his country, this other plugin is for you. It’s very simple how it works:

  • Visitor select multi language selector 
  • This plugin check IP Country
  • A notification window alerts the customer that our website has content in his language

This plugin is compatible with WordPress 5.0 and it’s highly recommended to improve the journey of your user experience.

Slo74 is Salvatore Lo Giudice @slo74design

Slo74 is Salvatore Lo Giudice @slo74design

Especializado en planificación, diseño y creación de páginas web (WordPress, Woo-commerce y Shopify), soluciones de Digital Marketing y aplicaciones mobile.

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