Adobe XD Mockup myWebly – free download

Hi everyone! Today I invite you to take my mockup myWebly created with Adobe XD and begin this free download. It’s the first graphic proposal (mockup) with 4 views for a mobile app that read in “real time” Google analytics KPIs about our website / blog.

Why myWebly?

This is a real scratch about a mobile app project created for a SEO agency in Spain. I hope you could download it. This is the first of four versions created.

Please use it to take ideas or only to reuse elements for your next project.

What include this mockup

  • a Launchscreen with a Login button
  • a KPIs dashboard with a tableview with latest posts published
  • clicking on a post, you will see the detail page (KPIs and Excerpt)

Where can you find this article?

First of all, I invite to share this post with your social network. This post is available on my Instagram account @slo74design and on Dribble

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Slo74 is Salvatore Lo Giudice @slo74design

Slo74 is Salvatore Lo Giudice @slo74design

Front-end Web and Mobile developer | Wordpress and IOS developer | SEO specialist | UX designer | Digital Nomad

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