Short introduction

Degree in Marketing, Slo74 starts to form his big passion for technology and marketing with different companies and clients in Italy, Spain and USA.
Slo74 has been working in Axis Corporate since late 2015 as webmaster and Digital Marketing Specialist.

Specialities: wireframe and mockup creations, website and mobile development, Single Page Application, Wordpress themes and plugins, dashboard analytics, Salesforce management, Mailchimp template and campaigns

Hard-won Experience

If you want to achieve satisfactory results with your web project, this, undoubtedly, is the one of factors most relevant before to choose a developer.
During more than 15 years, Slo74 has been developing severals web projects with different difficulty features and levels for clients around the world.

Full stack digital solutions

Do you believe in your company? Prove to you, hiring me.
I'll be able to provide you an integral digital solution from the scratch.
All my jobs include UX design, responsive website and SEO strategy. Not only a website!

User experience oriented

Check what is the most highly valued aspect by my clients.
I create thinking in the user (target).
Together we have a mission: 30 seconds to fall in love our potential digital customer

Working in progress...

Type Description Expected End Date
Web   Responsive web & SEO strategy about travel blog In progress
Web Responsive web & SEO strategy about Italian coffee brand 2018, Feb
SPA Dashboard analytics Marketing departament 2018, Feb
Web Last revision and improvements web 2018, Mar


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08036, Barcelona, Spain
10025, New York, USA